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Business lending for small and medium- sized enterprises (SME) is the financing of a business with a loan or credit specifically set up for this purpose. The rules are more flexible than for consumer loans. It is also irrelevant whether the person in question is a self-employed without personnel, a sole proprietorship, a private limited company, or another Dutch legal form. In short, borrowing money for business purposes here (without a credit worthiness check) is available for all entrepreneurs without collateral, including borrowing money for sole proprietorship).

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€1.000 – €200.000
Same day payout
No collateral
Also sole proprietorship
Contact within 1 hour

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Personal Loan

Personal loan
Starting at €2.500
Multiple providers
Easy application
24 hour payout
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Small business loan without credit worthiness

Business loan without credit worthiness test: For entrepreneurs who want to borrow without a credit check and registration, a small business loan (SME) is possible from 100 euros up to 1800 euros. You will receive an invoice.

Conditions of borrowing money for business

To be eligible for consideration, the business must have been operational for a minimum of 12 months, demonstrating a consistent annual turnover of at least €48,000. Additionally, it is imperative that the company is fully established within the Netherlands. Funding opportunities range from €1.000 to €350.000, providing a flexible range of support tailored to the specific needs and ambitions of the business.

Video about business loans Netherlands

In this informative YouTube video, the focus is on obtaining a business loan specifically tailored for enterprises operating in the Netherlands. The discussion centers around business lending options designed to cater to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Business loan in the Netherlands? Business lending for small and medium- sized enterprises (SME).

Business loan for all entrepreneurs

A business loan can be used for a wide range of purposes, as long as it serves a business purpose. A business loan without credit check and annual figures (also called ZZP loan without BKR) is usually taken out personally. This means that even a sole proprietorship can take out a business loan without rejection.

Not an easy task

Getting a business loan is no easy task for entrepreneurs. Banks are often reluctant to grant a loan if there is no collateral and annual figures to back it up. Or your company is ’too young’ to make a reasonable assessment of the risks.

Urgent business loan explained

Today’s entrepreneur, whether with a small or large company, often benefits from being helped as quickly as possible, because a good entrepreneur wants to be able to decide and act quickly. In these cases, we talk about an urgent business loan. This means that after approval of the application, the required financing will be made available within 24 hours.

business loan netherlands

Does my company have to exist for 5 years?

No, it is not required that your company exists for more than 5 years. This is not a requirement for the lenders for the business loans that are offered here. Your company has to be active for at least 12 months (so, not for 5 years). Of course, they also look at your profit. But perhaps even more important for a successful credit application is your “cash flow”. For those who do not know what this exactly means, I will try to explain this using an example.

The definition is: Cash flow = incoming money flow – outgoing money flow.

Interest on your Dutch business loan

Credit lineAPR*Duration
€2.0009,8%36 mths.
€5.0009,8%36 mths.
€10.0008,3%36 mths.
€25.0008,1%36 mths.
€50.0008%36 mths.
€100.0007,5%36 mths.
€250.0006%36 mths.
€350.0005,5%36 mths.
Annual Percentage Rate

Business lending without collateral

The business loan providers you find here do not ask for collateral. If you borrow from a bank, you will almost always be asked for collateral. This can be a company building, trucks and other business vehicles, but even your stock can be given as collateral.

All in all, it is not a nice feeling to have to hand over the goods you have worked hard for. Qeld never ask for collateral. You remain the owner of all your goods. So these providers are also suitable for a small business loans up to 350.000 euro.

Business loan without credit check and annual figures

A business loan without credit check and annual figures means that, in addition to the absence of a creditworthiness check, no annual figures are required. For many starting entrepreneurs and small business owners providing annual figures for several years is an insurmountable obstacle. That is why several business loan providers have chosen to offer a business loan without a creditworthiness check and annual figures.

Same day payment

Once again, you will have to be completely honest with every bank where you want to apply for a business loan. The annual figures for the last five years will have to be submitted and often, they also have to be approved by an accountant. Apart from the fact that this will all cost extra money, assessing these annual figures will also take up a lot of time. Firstly, the providers found here do not carry out a credit check and secondly, they never ask for annual figures. This gives you peace of mind and promotes the speed of approval. Secondly, the payout of the business loan is usually within 24 hours.

What is a SME business loan, and how do I apply?

SME business loans are set up for small and medium- sized enterprises. Applying for a SME business loan in the Netherlands for your company is very easy and 100% online. Your application should not take more then 10 minutes.

How can I finance my business in the Netherlands?

As long as your company is fully based in the Netherlands, you can pick any of the offers shown on geldlenenzzp.nl. Another requirement is that there is a Dutch business bank account and all the directors reside in the Netherlands.

How many options are there?

You find a wide selection of official business money lenders right here. Furthermore, you can complete the registration in English.

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